The WoW Hunters Wiki is looking for community moderators to help us maintain the integrity of the information found here. If you're a Hunter class expert or a master of wiki-nating, we'd like to recruit you!

Desirable candidates should be intimately familiar with the Hunter class and know class abilities and talents (all specs) backward and forward. We're looking for several moderators, each specializing in a particular aspect of playing the Hunter class:

  • Leveling
  • Raiding and Instances
  • Theorycraft
  • PvP (Battlegrounds and Arenas)
  • Lore and Role-Play
  • Interface Mods/Add-Ons and Macros
  • Professions
  • Class News and Patch Notes

We're also looking for a wiki expert to help with page formatting.

Moderators will be responsible for reviewing articles pertaining to their specialty for accuracy, not necessarily generating the content itself (though you can always add more pages and articles as you like).

If you'd like to help maintain the site by becoming a community moderator, please contact us and let us know!

For now, these are strictly volunteer (non-paid) positions.

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